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We build organizational capacity through equity-driven consulting.

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At EdChiefs, we treat organizations as partners. We focus on collaborative design principles, coalition building, and intentional growth. We actualize your impact with you, and alongside you.

We prioritize the Human-centric nature of our work.

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We are an intimate community of subject matter experts.

Our shared experience drives what

we do.

Our values shape every action we take, and every decision we make.

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What we do:

We Accelerate Growth (Together)

  • WE Build Sustainable Systems: Our team intentionally designs cost-effective expansion models to thoughtfully scale programs, products, and initiatives.

  • WE Facilitate Revenue Diversification: Our team explores, ideates, and tests mixed-revenue generation streams through intentional market research, analyses, and evaluation.

  • WE Actualize New Partner Acquisition: Our team supports clients in developing Multi-Channel Go-To-Market strategies that center the end-user's experience, identity, and values.

  • WE Prioritize Strategic Thought-Partnership: Our team intimately supports our partners through the full innovation cycle, from (Conceptualization -> Implementation -> Launch).

We Build Capacity

  • WE Sustain Impact: Our team offers interim leadership deployment to sustain the work as you navigate complex organizational shifts and vacancies.

  • WE Lead Short-Term Projects: Our team works in service of you. Think of us as your dedicated Chief of Staff. We complete a diverse range of cross functional projects to alleviate leadership fatigue and to accelerate your impact.

Let's Grow Together:

We offer a free initial consultation to new clients, to better understand their needs and explain our services. Simply email us to book your session.

Email: partnerships@edchief.org